Monday, 27 July 2015

To dare to dream

Dr. kalam died ,leaving a blank in our midst. The children of this country looked towards him for inspiration. Of course, as he was one of our foremost nuclear scientists all of us looked upon him with deep reverence.He was the Scientist, President, foremost thinker and an Educationist to the core.
His words were full of emotional quotient.What he taught us was to think about the aims of education. I feel this is something worth discussing. Indian education seems to get lost in the dense forest of jargon.This is as much true of school education as it is true for higher studies.

The most important thing about kalam was his avoidance of religion and religious talk, a real novelty for India where religion still plays a major role in the country's dynamics. The founding fathers of this new country, which was fresh out of colonial rule, urged the country to inculcate the spirit of science . But it was a path full of difficulty. I feel Kalam made it easier. He made it easier for our children to relate to dreams.

Unfortunately, the atmosphere in schools rarely takes dreams into account.Those who feel that India is marching forward, should stop to look at the culture in schools.The questions to ask  are many. But notable among them  are those which  pertain to culture, I feel.This is not such a close ended argument after all.  It has more to do with inclusion, discovery learning, the encouragement of entrepreneurship, and a host of other things that we have forgotten. Most important of all being dreams. But Dr Kalam kept reminding us of this simple fact which actually, is the backbone of all sciences.

Dreams. Somehow we feel schools are too mundane to cater to these. However, most children will tell you that to them school is a place for dreams. They look for stardust when they enter the hallowed gates. It turns out to be the first most crushing defeat when they actually discover that the schools are full of dream merchants but there are no dreams.

The best tribute to him i feel is to keep thinking about how to rekindle our dreams. In my next post i will highlight some tributes by some friends in the media,And dr, kalam's inspirational quotes.

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