Saturday, 14 November 2015

A cuppa tea

As I relax in the warmth of a sunny winter morning, the chirpings of birds fill up my reverie.

It is a good idea to be a part of the BITS Pilani campus and also to be  a part of their winning team.Trees, birds apart, this a hub of Indian education and the processes of an IPSC school proves it. The Indian Public School's conference is a progressive group which encourages schooling for an overall development of the child. most IPSC schools offer a lot of activities which serve to initiate the learner into various activities thus enriching the teaching learning process.

After all, we all know that application or learning by doing is the best way to foster  a skill. Books have to be gone through but an IPSC school aims to hone the skills of both teacher and the pupil.They are encouraged to move away from the class room to explore the possibilities of learning in  an exotic environment. It has been my pleasure to have worked in two IPSC school. First, was Scindia school for Boys in Gwalior.

A school celebrating its 111 years in 2008, Scindia had  a lot to teach me.The first lesson learnt was that change is recognised as part of the schooling process and it does come to India.Which is a really positive thought. Sometimes, we despair at the traditional methods which linger on in spite of failure.
But Scindia embraces change.Even i immersed myself in various learning experiences.Most of my students grew closer to me as i took up clay modelling.I learnt it from the boys as some of them excelled at it.

This is something that i encourage in all teachers. Taking  a leaf from my book of experience, I strongly recommend learning something either from your students or learning something together.It forms a bond that most of you would be proud to share.And this bond grows into learning experiences which take you far beyond the curriculum. Touch the stars together , feel free to explore. So many of us wonder how to move beyond the shackles of  the curriculum or mere book reading and i feel this is a good way to do it.

I also remember the song,"I have a dream' taught by the scindians. They mentored me to stand on stage and sing this song.A first in my life and something I will always be proud of

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