Thursday, 12 November 2015

All my students

In class that day ,while looking at their fresh faces, it occurred to me that they made me a teacher. My journey began very early.Maybe when I was little. Maybe when my own fingers were just beginning to grasp a pencil, My mind began recording the ways to learn.Sometimes, even how to learn.The tendency to how to became strong enough for me to start researching ways. That's how i began to teach and that's how they came to me.

My students. As we inch towards children's day   2015, 22 years of  school teaching pursue me. What have i learnt all these years? In a nutshell I have learnt that it is they, my students who made me a teacher. For someone without a single goal in life,I sort of waltzed into teaching. Although ,while in college, I loved my subject,English Literature , i had no plans to teach it. On my very first day of work, I saw them.

Fresh faces eager to learn. I am yet to meet a child who doesn't want to learn. Maybe i have met some who may not be willing to learn by my methods. Sometime, I may not have been the best influence on their lives. After all, every child is unique. As adulthood creeps upon us, we tend to use the same gestures, notes.We are so practised, so geared for performance. Sometimes , it all falls through. A single question from any of the children sitting out there can upset everything.

Mostly,that's what I  look for.Someone to break the monotony for me. A question that implies that I am an intellectual and not just another adult on a routine job. Recently, I felt this. After a long time of attentive scholars I have got some challenges.  Thank you for upsetting my normal lessons with your curiosity.

Your questions on various topics and your queries on philosophy , has really enlivened my day. For it you who must make me. It is you who must demand excellence from me and pardon my mediocrity.Your relentless quest for knowledge , should make me run from pillar to post seeking out the answers. Hope all of you had a rocking Deepawali and I wish you a Happy Children's day. Celebrate the childhood in you , for it is a blessing. Till we meet again  to light the lamps together, remember I will be waiting for you.

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